Sodomy or not

Many have asked me about whether Anwar did it or not.

I told everyone that whether he did or not is longer important as the real ISSUE why it is done the way it is done and all the comments made by various people especially the top UMNO leadership. The first allegation made, before the result is now known to everyone.

What should be clear to all of us is the dirty politics which is being wielded amongst UMNO members- present and former. After all, Anwar is a former UMNO member, so are most of PKR members. It is sad that SODOMY is being made as a political issue – when sodomy was practised as part of the initiation ceremony??? in one of the ‘ALL BOYS’ college???, known to all the UMNO Members Of Parliament where were with me when Anwar was first accused of sodomy. Anwar attended that college! So why bring up the issue again? Only GOD can verify the truth!

The current politicking sadden me and the political uncertainty created is hurting our country economically. Both BN and PR members should stop all the politicking especially Anwar talking about taking over on September 16th. We must respect democracy, the people had spoken in the last General Election.It is only proper in the spirit of real democracy to allow BN to govern and for the PK to play the Opposition role till the next General Election. After all the Opposition have FIVE STATES to show Malaysians how they are at GOVERNING, if PAS can do it in Kelantan why can’t DAP and PKR can do the same in their respective states. Four years is a short time to wait. All which is needed to be done is for everyone to respect DEMOCRACY.

Sarawak leaders of the past opted for Independence through the formation of Malaysia because it was the best option available. Even then the Dayaks wanted safeguards through the IGC Report. Unfortunately all but a few are now left. Now many Sarawakians have told me that they are being “colonized” and wanted Independence. Thus for both PK and BN it is better for everyone if you start working and be more responsible rather than going for power at all cost every day which start to give nausea to more and more intellectuals now.

The excuses given for raising costs are good propaganda but the rot in our system had been, are and will be responsible for our weaker economy compared to Singapore which has no natural resources – no crude or gas reserves. We need to increase our Foreign reserves yearly to at the very least Singapore level. Only then, we can bring back our RINGGIT to be at PAR with Singapore as it was in the sixties, we can pat our back and say we do well. We must strengthen our RINGGIT to really ease the sufferings of the URBAN and RURAL POOR.

Thus SODOMY or NOT, it is best to stop the debate! Let the Courts handle it. For Malaysians, it is time to wake up and clean the system. The onus now is for the Civil Services to become more dedicated , efficient and clean. The Police must look after LAW and ORDER and not to protect the interests of the leaders or the RULING Party- Only the security and safety of all leaders.Tun Mahathir, I told you so about the system which let Tunku down and now you yourself TUN.

The question, which is paramount now, IS for the right reforms to be in place administratively and politically. Either the right reforms or Malaysia one day will be only West Malaysia.


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2 responses to “Sodomy or not

  1. hanis

    You wrote:
    “”It is sad that SODOMY is being made as a political issue – when sodomy was practised as part of the initiation ceremony in one of the ‘ALL BOYS’ college, known to all the UMNO Members Of Parliament where were with me when Anwar was first accused of sodomy. Anwar attended that college! (deleted)””

    Since when did sodomy become part of the initiation ceremony at this äll boys college”?
    Can you present some evidence and/or reveal your source of this information?
    If you cannot, can you please make a retraction to this statement.

  2. partistar

    As requested by Hanis, it is deemed to be retracted as as I am not going to reveal what are being asked. Yes, I was still in Parliament when all the garbage was spill out and Anwar was of course imprisoned for corruption charges.

    However it is incumbent on those in power not to talked simply before, now or in future about things like what I heard then. My ??? must be fully investigated by those in power to confirm or stop all the nonsense spoken or whispered. I retract because if I were to ask those who told me about the stories they will surely deny it now.

    Those “old days” must be made forgotten and let the best man be PM.

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