Once more Sarawakians will be asked to subsidize our national economy. We will have to pay more while more crude are being pumped out our reserve. We should be laughing instead of crying when the price of crude goes up!

But where have the MONEY GONE. Who enjoy the price increase! Can we stop the pumping so at least future generation enjoy our oil reserves?

Sabahans have just promised another Billion in development money. We have our SCORE! But who really scores?? Why are Sarawakians are asked to pay more again and again? What happened to the extra money we made from increased prices of CRUDE OIL derived from our soil? Has been pre-sold again and again to benefit those in the UMNOPUTRAS only?

Have your say….. now…


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  1. Well, we are the prisoners in our own land overpowered by west invaders who exploit our o&g and in return, we are forced to accept their deal with no questions asked. So, what are the benefits been a Malaysians to Sarawakians if things that belong to ourselves are not in control by us.

  2. partistar

    Practice the power correctly Malaysia will be for everyone.

    We need young people in Sabah and especially Sarawak to register as voters and use the votes wisely. Only then we can ask for better deals.

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