Gawai Dayak

Come June 1st, the Dayaks will celebrate the annual festival called “Gawai Dayak”. Officially the State Government of Sarawak has allocated June 1st and 2nd as the official public Holidays for the Dayaks to celebrate the annual festival after the harvest. So to all of you I wish you a happy and joyful Gawai. Hopefully your gatherings and meetings with friends will bring you all a better year to come.

Life on earth is entirely up to all of us to choose. God has given us total freedom to live our lives like the birds and the bees, but because of human constraints and human greed, restraints have to be put in place to help and ensure that we can live in peace and harmony.

Under the pretext of peace and security, we have in Malaysia in place ISA and OSA which can be abused to keep a party in power. Only when everyone is informed enough about his/her rights and privileges and is able to exercise it properly through the Ballot Boxes  will the situation gets better.

During this Gawai, Dayaks can celebrate anyway they want, but time has come when they must reflect how they come to be where they are to-day and think well how to get a better to-morrow hence. It is only when we know “what we don’t know” to-day, we can progress to a better future.

Happy Gawai!

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  1. Sumuk

    Selamat Hari Gawai to you..

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