Poverty, be it urban or rural poverty, being an individually driven condition of Humanity can also be relieved with the policies of the Government of the day.

Inflation as per rate of over thousand in Zimbabwe will make a lot of people poor. Loss of jobs and business will make a lot more poorer. Limited access to the markets will make a lot of rural population poorer. Urban poor will be a big problem as the urban dwellers become more and more discouraged.

Poverty is indeed a problem for every government in every nation. A nation with or without proper safety nets in place will inflict a lot of sufferings to its people.

War has been the major cause of poverty amongst humanity. A lot of resources are needed in a war. Unnecessary budgets for war drained more money into the war machines that there is not enough left for humanity. The pursuit of war in the Middle East in the name of DEMOCRACY or NUCLEAR ARMAMENT or TERRORISMS has increased the price of CRUDE OIL, made worse by the increase demand in China. Throughout the world humanity is paying the price of increased oil prices. Malaysia should have benefited from increased CRUDE OIL price but our BN Government pre-sold it at a very much lower price.

Now Pak Lah

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