Govern or not to Govern.

New STRAITS Times, Malaysia editorial became the Headliner in to-day issue, April16th. My daughter thought it is sixteen days too late. It should have been an April fool joke.

What an editorial though. Can the paper continue to attack the politicking members of all the Executive Branch, whether State or Federal, for not doing their real job- that is to make sure proper implementation of policies and function of their Ministry? It is timely for NST to bark back correctly. Enough of promoting BN dirty political speeches bashing and blaming the Opposition at every turn and corner, when it is their inability to do their proper jobs that failed the Government of the day. Malaysians are getting more educated and it appears the emerging Malays are longer fools to believe that UMNO is the only party who can take care of them.

The rising prices can no longer be hidden. Twenty cents increase across the board this month, predicted earlier when BN Government decided to kill off the ONE CENT COIN this April, is a BN legacy. Whoever initiated the move is responsible for adding this extra burden to the people. So Pak Lah needs to review his own fiscal and monetary policies, needs new economic advisers, and needs to re-look into the implementation of the NEP, if he is going to help the poor and the rural and disadvantaged Malays in Malaysia.

Now UMNO ministers and deputy ministers are preparing for their contests for the various posts in the next general election. Hopefully they will not lose sight that they all have obligations to serve fully their ministerial duties- not just answering the prepared text by the civil servants but acquire an intimate knowledge of their Ministry performance by going to the ground incognito some times. Official visits normally give the worst possible feedbacks as the ground is always prepared to the best possible impressions. That’s why during my tenure in the State Cabinet, I made it a point to go to the ground in my own way in my own time. Of course I got sacked as my reward. Of it is better be sacked for doing your job, than to lose an election like Samy Vellu and Koh Tsu Khoon and other Cabinet Ministers.

BN Executive members must decide whether to start governing or continue politicking. Hopefully Malaysians will be more critical and become more knowledgeable to judge in four or more years to come. Let us see whether BN can govern well or the Pakatan Rakyat can deliver better in the five States in their hands.

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