10 men, 10 castles. How? Why not.

Sumuk posed me the idea of “10 men 10 castles, how”. It is about democracy, we are talking about, is it not?

If you want to make a living out of your people, you can always move into any castle deemed suitable and convenient at any time. After all, it is only convenient to move around and look for left-over scraps. We have a lot of people who joins one party and then into another. I was told by CM about a Bidayuh who welcomed him in one of his functions with all the badges of all the parties registered in Sarawak at the time on his shirt. No doubt, anyone without proper conviction and pride can do the same, especially beggars, who are hoping for scraps to live on.

To-day, frustrated Bidayuhs in Mas Gading, Mambong and Serian for instance rushed into PKR as earlier some of them had rushed to UMNO previously by putting up UMNO flags all over the places. Of they are frustrated with BN, SNAP and STAR. They want fast fixes, therefore PKR with its new found resources may be able to satisfy their needs… whatever it maybe. Thus with up PKR and down with UMNO flags understandably. Anwar could be the next PM!

Furthermore BN has 13 parties and one join all of them, why not? After all, most of those, who did not voted for me in Mas Gading, voted “DACING”; – thus voting for all of the the parties in BN, especially for PBB and UMNO to carry out their agendas. Now, some of them regretted it already especially when Tiki was dropped as Deputy Minister without a replacement. Party hopping is a characteristic taught by Dayak leaders in politics.

Now Dayak leaders in politics can join all or most of the parties in BN or the Opposition at one time or another, as we are too poor even to contribute one dollar a year to a local party which can stand for our due rights in an Independent country. If we think that PKR with its present agenda of quarreling with DAP but “only have gentleman agreement with the Chongs” to save “Dominic Ng in Padungan and Chong Jr. in Kuching Bandar” can help us, by all means join PKR quickly so at least we can help to save Dominic Ng’s career in politics. However, forget about the Pakatan Rakyat ability to win Sarawak in the next State Election or help us to resolve Sarawakians from being deprived of proper and just development for all without continued tears amongst the very poor, be it urban or rural, irrespective of race and religion. Discriminations against the Dayaks will continue and discriminations and exploitations of the less privileged amongst the Malays and Chinese will also go on unchecked.

Divisions amongst groups and individuals are democratic rights, but if divisions are the predominant rule of the day, problems in Sarawak and Malaysia will not be resolved easily. Sumuk hinted but would not say it.

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