My move to accept SNAP President’s offer and became its candidate during the just recently concluded Parliamentary elections had raised a bit controversy during the last campaign alienating both STAR and SNAP ardent supporters creating divisions and loss of votes to either BN candidate or the Independent in the end. I made two press conference on the issue but none was published for obvious reasons. The followings were my explanations:


Campaigners from BN opponent are using my SNAP symbol as a mean to cast doubts on my character. It is even reported in Borneo Post to-day.
Why so much an issue? My critics seemed to forget that in the last Parliament I was also using SNAP symbol. Even the Chairman of SNAP Bau Division was my Director of Operation and Election Agent then. Is it the fear of defeat that make them looked for any issue as a desperate move to stop me.
Everyone should know by now that SNAP needs a renewal and that I am back to rebuild and strengthen the Party for the third time since 1982. The first one was after SNAP leaders quarreled over who should the President of SNAP, after Dato Endawie resigned in 1981. The tussle between James Wong and Daniel Tajem led to the first split of SNAP in 1982.
The losing splinter group led by Dato Leo formed PBDS, which is now Defunct. This led to my first task of rebuilding the Party after I lost to the Independent, Mr. Patrick Anek Uren, in 1982.
The Ming Court affair of 1987 also led to other split for SNAP but no party was born because the defectors either returned to SNAP, namely the late Edward Jeli and the late Giman Itam or joined PBB – namely Datuk Balan Seling and Datuk Micheal Ben.
The last split which left SNAP in a critical condition now occurred after the President quarreled with his Treasurer-General, Tan Sri Tiong, over as to who should pay for the TV 3 bill for the new station built at Bintulu as promised by its candidate during the Parliamentary Election of 1999. The amount involved was less than a million. It will be unfortunate if a quarrel between two Millionaires over money is allowed to destroy a Party which has contributed a lot to make Sarawak what it is to-day. It was SNAP which saved BN in 1987.
SPDP was formed because there was no way that Tiong’s camp could have won if they challenged the Incumbent President then.
My loyalty to SNAP should never be questioned by any true and loyal SNAP members. It is those who abandoned SNAP at time of its greatest trials should look into their own mirror.
I am back to SNAP to help rebuild the party starting the 16th February 2008 after we, leaders of SNAP and STAR agreed to work together as one body and one mind starting this General Election. STAR will remain as a reserve, should SNAP be deregistered by the Courts .. posing and ready to become the NEW SNAP!
Date: 27th February 2008.


To MY CRITICS and loyal opposition that I should not use the SNAP symbol, I asked,”Why NOT?”.

SNAP had given me the opportunity to serve. It had given me THREE PENSIONS for the rest of my life. It has helped me to get what I now have. For all the benefits that I have received from politics, I must say “THANK YOU, SNAP”.
However just to say thank you, and then “good bye” or good riddance at its time of need would be just PURELY CRUEL and unjustified, especially to those who remain in the leadership asked for my help. It is also NOT in our DAYAK TRADITION to say “NO” to those in need when we are in a position to do so.
It is especially natural for me as STAR PRESIDENT to offer help to SNAP when it is in deep trouble. I came back to SNAP in 2004 Parliamentary Election because I was given back my membership. I was suspended indefinitely by the Central Executive Committee dominated by James Wong and William Mawan’s men. It would have taken only seven dissensions to keep my membership then. Now all those, who were responsible for my indefinite suspension, had abandoned the Party to its present state.
Would be AK, “AWAK KEMUDIAN”, be better?
I would say AK to SNAP if I use STAR or an Independent symbol as requested by the “ANTI – TIKI” group. It would be a convenient political move if my object is only just to win an election. AK means “AWAK KEMUDIAN” meaning “YOU LATTER” which a favourite excuse by those who believe in discriminating the Dayaks. Shall I do that to SNAP which needed my help to survive? I strongly believe that AK to SNAP is a show of ingratitude. It would also be a disrespect to my original party. For any former SNAP members, who are now SPDP -especially all those who have reaped benefits by becoming YBS, etc, it is not wise to destroy SNAP, just because the former PRESIDENT and its FORMER TREASURER GENERAL quarreled publicly over the issue of “who should pay the bill for the construction of TV3 tower in Bintulu promised by the SNAP candidate, its Treasurer General, in 1999 Parliamentary Election. This issue led to the split and the formation of SPDP. For less than a MILLION, SNAP was destroyed or at least William and his gang is still trying to destroy SNAP. I just want to say “NO” that is why it is easy for me to decide to use SNAP symbol.

I also want to call on all PBB and SUPP members to work together now for SNAP had helped PBB and SUPP in 1987 to retain power. I was very much involved in bringing back SNAP to BN fold in 1987. It is time to also say “Thank you” to SNAP now.

Dr. Patau Rubis

29th February 2008.

The controversy has not only divided SNAP followers but also my own STAR members who believed that I should use STAR symbol instead. No matter what, I accept full responsibility for the loss, but in terms of the long term war we are fighting we may still win one day! I still want to thank the four thousand plus voters who still think that I am still relevant in their struggle for a better future for all and all those who believes that SNAP should be rebuild to make Sarawak a better place for all Sarawakians.

To avoid this misconception and division, it is sincerely hoped that the time will come when STAR and SNAP be one again. After STAR was formed initially to continue the real struggle of SNAP without division into factions, fear or favor. Definitely hopefully SNAP will not be used again by selfish leaders to do “business”.


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6 responses to “Why SNAP

  1. abot naros

    Dear Honorable Dr,
    The time has come for SNAP to fold. It is history. BN IS becoming history as we speak. The time for race based communal politics is over. BN lasted almost 50 years, most businesses do not last longer than 30 years. My humble view is that the natives of Sarawak move on and support Barisan Rakyat. If SNAP is feeling nostalgic and wishes to recall the glory of those years gone by, may be it can keep a page in the album. The natives of Sarawak are divided split over all the parties in sarawak. can you imagine the power of all the natives if we are in ONE party !! This must be the vision.

  2. partistar

    Dream as we may.

    Only hard work will pay dividends.

    Another man castle will never be my home. STAR is my home now till I die. It can be the new SNAP once SNAP is de-registered by the Courts.

    Natives of Sarawak has been in one “party”- BN and now you want move into BRS, which is basically PKR front to fight DAP and STAR to help BN win back more seats like the last Parliament!

  3. another guy

    STAR sound better than SNAP.

  4. Sumuk

    “Another man castle will never be my home. ”

    10 men, 10 castles. So how?

  5. partistar

    The more the merrier, isn’t.

    But unfortunately, based on my experience and knowledge in Sarawak and Malaysian politics, the only way I can help Sarawak to a better future is through STAR as a NEW SNAP.


  6. sokBau

    wow… salute u sir for blogging 🙂 keep on doing it.

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