Poor Dayaks?

Since 1963, Dayaks leaders have dabbled in politics, shouting beautiful slogans in their longhouses, agruing till their lips are blue in pubs, coffee shops, etc… yet so far we have not been able to emulate the late Tan Sri Ningkan or even the “fall” guy, Datuk Penghulu Tawi Sli, yet all active Dayaks politicians think he is the best leader around and wants to be President of a political party using their race at all costs as the only qualification they have in politics. Most of them would curse Jabu “to kingdom come” as the betrayer of Dayaks’ rights … lah, land… lah, etc… but one word from Taib, they immediately put their tails between their legs and support Jabu by getting their followers to vote for BN.

Yeh .. what a story it made in Borneo Post, when James Masing surprised Datuk Daniel with a birthday cake  for the older guy in his house lately. Finally now, it seemed that Daniel has accepted Masing leadership- a bit late but better than never. It must also be a “THANK YOU NOTE” to Daniel who helped BN to campaign this time around in Sri Aman as I did in 2006 for those candidates who asked for my help when ironically the BAS openly snubbed STAR and my leadership by not including us in the BAS believing that SNAP and MDC was enough to carry the day for them.

It appears funny but Dayaks politicians actually like the leadership of TAIB and JABU. They curse and swear only because they are actually envious ….? Because if they really care about the Dayaks and Sarawak, they should abandoned BN.  BN, under the present leadership, are actually victimizing the Dayaks by depriving the majority of equal opportunities in land ownership, job opportunities, land development benefits, etc……. Even Salcra, the primary land Development Agency to develop NCR land, gives very nominal dividend and bonus to the landowners … and I was informed in one Village during the last campaign, it “fertilized the river in the Scheme area killing the fishes instead”. Fertilizers are either dumped into the streams feeding the river or you are enterprising enough you can hijacked and buy the fertilizers and resell them  for a profit. Yet in charge of SALCRA are Jabu and James Masing – both IBANS, I presume! … Who are we to blame  …. during the last campaign it is the majority of the Bidayuh Civil servants who came, campaigned and helped “to buy votes back” for BN. One of them is rumored to have spent RM 16,000.00 in RED DRAGON, Sibuluh the night before polling to lobby for votes for BN….. very rich man he is!
Now they make sure that TIKI is not re-appointed so that the promise to promote another Bidayuh to the State Cabinet soon. … James Masing’s “TIKUYUNG THEORY”, each snail pulling another one down so that now can escape, … in this case so that Dayaks will remain where we are in both state and national politics…..The usual dayak political move.. lah.. destroy a leader so that someone else can come up as a beggar-  YB can also be interpreted as Young Beggars lah… I was pulled down by Mawan and his gang in 1995 so that he could take over my place! But Bidayuh loved him for it and that is why even after he destroyed SNAP in 2000, they continue to SUPPORT him by joining SPDP- SEMUA PALAU DALAM PUB! …otherwise the majority of his supporters cannot afford to enjoy their present status at the expenses of the POOR DAYAKS. But it is the DAYAKS who wants it … isn’t it????

Funny though, a man,  who I brought up in politics betrayed me again by accepting Checks from Namsian for SIX Chung Hua Schools in Bau, was robbed the night of celebrating Tiki’s victory. It is a pity but never forget about Divine retribution. Poor Dayaks being robbed of their rights by the very people they have trusted.

As I said earlier, none of us is as smart as Ningkan and Penghulu Tawi Sli. We may have academic qualifications, tons and tons of it, than they have but politically we are stupid in the eyes of our political masters because our hunger,  poverty and greed make us crawl on our bellies  every time our political MASTER shouted an ORDER.

What a tragedy and what a pity!


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6 responses to “Poor Dayaks?

  1. Sim.YunYoung

    Maybe I know who you are?
    Because I can’t find any link to your profile on this site.

    Keep up the work on news regarding Sarawak politics

  2. tbs

    I bought a book called The Broken Shield by one of the SNAP guy to know a little bit about the downfall of Dayak based party. I am really eager to see the bidayuh wake up and walk on their very own feet and not crawling on their belly.

    I is hard to understand Mawan’s attitude. The same happened to PBDS and Moggie was another poor Iban. Mawan has never learned any meaning of nation building or patriotism. He is just another selfish being who only thinks of his own needs.

  3. Mawan is just another Iban leader who needs to do what he had done to make a living out of politics.

    As said by one of our delegates from Katibas Division, during our SNAP National Council Meeting in 1995, before both James Wong and Mawan shot me down in September 28, 1995 during my annual leave in Canada by kicking me out from the State Cabinet, ” Kami di baruh amat kering, tepi PENGARI KAMI ARI KERIAH, UDAH BESAI DI TABAN ORANG!!…. amat di taban orang.. Nah oleh kitai kering…..” All delegates clapped their hands loudly when he mentioned the words “TABAN ORANG..”

    Yes, Mawan is one of the many SNAP leaders who gets ” DI TABAN ORANG… “

  4. kasumdot


    you are right about divine retribution. when i was still young, i remembered on one particular night, after winning your seat – you warned ppl from certain areas that you will not help them if they come to ask for your help – as retribution for openly supporting your opposition. it was broad casted over the radio. my kampung is stenggang. i sincerely hope you have learned your lesson.

    God bless and Happy Easter.

  5. partistar

    kasumdot, you must have heard from the wrong master.

    I have not lost, but it is the people who have lost!! My sacrifice has made you to be where you are to-day. It made Michael Manyin a full Minister, when I was told earlier – the Bidayuh quota under Taib was only an Assistant Minister. It made Tiki a Deputy Minister. The Bidayuh lost it because we don’t deserve since there are people like you who believe in people’s propaganda.

    I have no lesson to learn from all my loss. I won Kampong Stenggang this time around, thanks to the people who still remember what I have done to help in your kampong, which maybe you ignore or doesn’t know.

    Mah sikia jah mu tulah luban eh. The day you know the truth it will be too late for you and the rest.

  6. starry-eyed

    It is funny how you supported BN and Taib when you were assistant minister. Yes, you made threats and chastised some Bidayuhs in Bau for being anti-BN, and therefore anti-development and anti progress. You did use government servants in your election campaigns. The same things said and done by the despicable BN today. So what has changed?

    Talking about divine retribution, why must it befall only a poor voter in Bau? Surely as you described, there are very much bigger crooks and sinners who are overdue for massive divine retributions.

    God bless.

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