For TWELVE LONG, LONG years, we waited for the moment when SNAP, Sarawak National Party- a party by defections and divisions into splinter parties of PBDS (now defunct ), STAR, PRS, SPDP, can find a better day when the bleeding can stop to start period of healing, reconciliation and rebuilding towards a better for all. That DAY finally came on the 16th February 2008, when the President, Mr. EDWIN DUNDANG, and Secretary-General, Mr STANLEY JUGOL, of SNAP met with Dr. PATAU RUBIS, PRESIDENT of STAR in SNAP Headquarters and agreed to work together as “ONE BODY AND ONE MIND” towards one goal- rebuilding of SNAP to its former glory for the purpose of attaining a BETTER FUTURE FOR ALL earlier!

This is the moment which STAR and its President had waited for the last twelve years. We had fought battles – i.e general elections, within our means with an established goal of keeping the State Coalition also known as Barisan National (BN) at bay. We have yet to win a single battle. However through DAP, BN lost at least one seat since STAR President, Dr. PATAU, was framed, suspended and dismissed from the STATE CABINET in 1995.


SNAP undergone many divisions and defections since its formation in early ’60. Reasons of these divisions could found in a book, ‘THE BROKEN SHIELD” written by Joseph Sipi Tawai. The acronym used to identify the Party, SNAP, is an synonymous with its breaking up into splinter groups and parties- weakening it as a political agent for change for the better. It gets so weak this year that opponents talk about the DEATH OF SNAP especially in BETONG, the birthplace of the Party by a local leader from one of the parties in BN. It get abandoned by its leaders who are now happily living on pensions they are receiving after becoming State Assemblymen or Parliamentarians through SNAP over the years.

Now SNAP is still in limbo waiting for a court judgment on its appeal for Judicial Review of its dis registration by the Registrar of Societies.

Lack of financial support and contributions from its remaining members and general public that for the first time in the history of Sarawak it was not be able to field a single candidate though there are capable members who could stand candidates. News of these led Dr. PATAU to call SNAP President of SNAP on the possibility of working together as “one body and one mind” starting with this general election. It was decided that we will work together.

It was decided that we contested two seats, namely BETONG and MAS GADING, only to make a political statement that SNAP is NOT DEAD YET.

Rebuilding will start to ensure that SNAP will be a political force in Sarawak again and become relevant for national development.

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