A NEW DAWN in Malaysian politics

“Anwar?s Long-Shot G…” has indeed worked when the voters decided that “enough is enough”. Parti Rakyat Malaysia with Anwar as its De FACTO leader has heralded a new political landmark in Malaysian Politics by for the first time since Independence denied NATIONAL FRONT (BN) its two third majority in Parliament.

The Alternative Front though loosely binded took control of five States,  leaving  the other eight States  to BN.

The courage of the Indians to say “NO” to its long term Indian Hope, MIC and its leader, Samy Vellu, must have contributed to the wind of change. HINDRAF and the harsh response from the ruling party must hardened the resoluteness for the cry for change amongst the Indians who predominantly Hindus.

Only the poor rural voters of Sabah and Sarawak, where money politics, politics of fear and love for BN symbol still great influence, are still blind to the need for change. There is also the heavy need of logistics to ensure the message can reached them. Exclusive access to printed media, radio and television had and will have added advantage to the ruling party.  Once cracked, BN will be kicked out by the rural voters of Sabah and Sarawak as well especially Sarawak where the very land development is depriving them of their land without any substantial benefits.

If either Sarawak or Sabah can fall into the Opposition camp, Malaysia will have a new Government.

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