Months ago I was asked by a group friends who were very interested in what I am doing, especially whether or not I will be contesting in the coming election. We talked it for awhile and then I went to meet my other group of friends. Then a member of the earlier group went to the “LOU” and when he came back I asked his name and where he came from since this was the first occasion I saw him.

He replied,” I am Joseph …. , I am BISAYA….”


“OK, but do you know what “BISAYA” means in BIDAYUH” I asked.


“YEESSS, it is the typical BIDAYUHS who thinks he can do anything SIX DAYS A WEEK but on SUNDAY ONLY HE BISAYA.” and he laughed and left.


I also laughed! Because it is typical for the “SUNDAY CHRISTIANS”.


It also remind me of many people I know who embrace Christianity because it is easy to follow and for the sake of “being not a burden to the family when they die” as the old traditions needed a ritualistic ceremony for the dead by an undertaker called the “PININUH”, a post which is always traditionally assigned to the lowly individual in the village. Normally it is to accept the job and as it stands to-day there is no PININUH for the JAGOI, BERATAK and KROKONG BIDAYUH subgroup. Thus it is not difficult to join Christianity and be the “SUNDAY CHRISTIANS”.


So what is this “BISAYA on Sunday” remark? BISAYA is to believe. What happens if you only believe in GOD on Sunday and can do SATANIC work in thoughts or words six days a week? Is it really bad to be just a SUNDAY CHRISTIAN? Doesn’t repentances or confessions followed by a HOLY COMMUNION cleansed the person from all sins that he ‘commits in what he has done or does not do in thoughts or words’. When one believes that he can be cleansed of all sins or erased all curses by a single action such as attending a MASS on SUNDAY or make a pilgrimage to MECCA in a lifetime, is it his or her fault or the Missionary which has failed to explain the real belief? Or simply, is a bad follower bad because he is really bad or because he has been misled by the teachings he has been taught, like BISAYA a faulty BISAYA!


We believe on what we have been told by our parents and teachers, formal or informal. Many great books have been written on teaching of various GREAT TEACHERS or PROPHETS. The JEWISH philosophy of the ONE invisible Almighty, YAHWEH , as expressed the TORAH, is also seen in the CHRISTIANITY belief of the ONE GOD and in ISLAM, ALLAH. In BIDAYUH traditional belief we name the Almighty One, TOPA. No doubt, he is called by many other names amongst various races found on this Earth.


The debate on “POLEMICS” has caused a lot of problems in past, present and future. It will not end as everywhere there will be groups who will use GOD as excuses for their own behaviors and actions. Bad policies based on Beliefs in the Almighty have led to many wars in the past, present and also in the future, starting the CRUSADES, killing the most number of human beings than any epidemics like SMALLPOX. IRAQIS are dying everyday over polemics on ALLAH between the SUNNIS and the SHIITES, which of course fueled by the FALL on SADDAM by the US led forces acting on various pretexts which are by themselves inspired many debates now. Why are we so serious about the current polemics when our time on EARTH are so limited to an average of less than 90 years throughout the world? Can we just believe in what we personally have taught to believe and stop imposing our own belief on others? Can’t we all be GODLY and just laugh of our differences in our BELIEFS just like the Bisaya Joseph did!


Is it NOT POSSIBLE that GOD can wipe out all his religious irritants and non conformists with one STROKE of HIS COMMAND OR DESIRE on any race or religious groups? HE CAN but HE DOESN’T DO IT. He creates, but only human destroys for as even as we create we have to destroy GOD’S creation. So can we all be GODLY by not using our destructive power in our pursuit of a BETTER FUTURE.


In other words, can we BISAYA seven days a week for as many days in year as possible so MALAYSIA can be really be GEMILANG, JEMILANG and TERBILANG. It is possible if we can “laugh” off our differences in our beliefs, as if what we personally belief in is really good the heavenly benefits will only be blessed on those who are on the right path. Can HINDRAF looked at their own selves before blaming others for their woes? Can our EXECUTIVES act with more restraints compared to what they have done? Is ISA the only solutions for BN to stay in POWER?


EARTH being EARTH with all its pains and trials, SURGA or HEAVEN will our ultimate reward. BISAYA but why be miserable, SMILE and be happy because no matter what HAPPENS, TO-MORROW the SUN will rise again, with or without us, on board.



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  1. tiyungdayak

    The word “JEMILANG” should be spelt as “CEMERLANG”, thus “GEMILANG, CEMERLANG dan TERBILANG”.

    In Bidayuh Biatah dialect, the all three Malay words are loosely connected and can be translated singly as “Timagah”.

    In what sense can we achieve such a holistic approach if our “undisputed” leaders don’t follow? Leaders led by example(s)…

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