Malaysians, especially many Sarawakians were hopeful that when Pak Lah took over as PM from Dr. M, the earlier BN slogan of “BERSIH, AMANAH, DAN CEKAP” will be fulfilled. At last many of the hopefuls have given up hope. One as exemplified by one Mr. CHONG yesterday, “Dr., semua orang politik tidak di harap lagi, semua mahu makan rakyat sahaja! Termasuk Pemangkang.” Basically he said, “ALL POLITICIANS CANNOT BE TRUSTED ANYMORE. ALL WANT TO ‘EAT’ THE PEOPLE(sic)! INCLUDING THE OPPOSITION.” I am sure he will be one of those who would not go to VOTE in the coming Parliamentary Election unless I can convince him otherwise. Luckily for me that after a long but slow talk, he told me that he will come and see me again. Over half an hour, he open up to me. Why lucky, cos he waited not for me to explain (he was past explaining) but for his “BUBUR” to come but delayed! How many people in Malaysia are now allergic to all politicians? I don’t know but I have met many. Cause for the allergy, the perception that “ALL MALAYSIAN POLITICIANS are CORRUPT especially in SARAWAK”, of course myself included.

As of now in MALAYSIA, very few prominent politicians have been investigated and convicted because of abuses of power as perceived by people like Mr Chong. In fact legally it is very easy to escape corruption charges because the LAW allows for those in power just to declare their interests, and the others will give to anybody related to them. SO JUST DECLARE INTERESTS AND YOUR DEPUTY/DEPUTIES TO GIVE IT YOU THROUGH YOUR PROXY, THEN YOU ARE NOT CORRUPT. THIS IS AS THE LAW STANDS NOW. THIS LAW IS SUPPORTED BY ALL BN POLITICIANS INCLUDING MYSELF BEFORE as it needs a simple majority to amend it but the MAJORITY of VOTERS who voted want it that way directly or indirectly. DAP and PAS also want it indirectly because they refuse to work together because of their DISAGREEMENT ON POLEMICS! Without working together, there is ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE TO CHANGE THE LAW. MALAYSIANS WILL CONTINUE TO VOTE FOR BN to RULE! THERE IS ALSO NO CHANCE that they will AMEND THE LAW! This is why more and more MALAYSIANS will refuse to vote if they registered voters or refuse to register as voters as they see that there is NO LIGHT at the end of the TANAL.

I told Mr. CHONG that I have met more disappointments and disallusionments in my effort to make SARAWAK and MALAYSIA a better place for all. I have been framed by my own colleagues because I was according to one of the Assistant Ministers who told me one fine day ” Ya lah Patau, you should do as they do. You are too white a sheet that they are scared of you…”. I told him that I shaved my every day for three years and annually for two more years as that I have vowed that I will not answer all that my friends and foes were saying about me but I leave “VENGEANCE to the ALMIGHTY”. For everything is very simple for me, DRAGON SCHOOL’S MOTTO ” SO THAT I MAY SERVE”, is part of my life. SERVICE for the people has been part of our family tradition even before BROOK’S time, and so on. Thus it was simple for to say to my ancestors and TOPA (GOD, the AlMIGHTY) ” LOOK IF WHAT I TRY TO DO IS WRONG, LET ME BE CURSED ALONE and IF NOT, VENGEANCE IS YOURS.”

So I told Mr. CHONG there is nothing much we can do now to change thing as of to-day less and less people believe in ALLAH, GOD, TOPA or whatever DIETY/DIETIES they believe in AS MORE AND MORE BELIEVE IN THE ” AGONG’S HEAD”- meaning that more and more are not afraid to be ‘TULLAH’ or CURSED as long as they GET RICH! I also told him of my bad experience in SARAWAK CLUB that while dining with my guests I heard a BUSINESSMAN, three tables away, shouted “HERE NO MONEY NO TALK”. WHO does he refers to?-: POLITICIANS IN POWER, ANOTHER POLITICAL TYCOON, TOP CIVIL SERVANTS? WHATEVER POOR IMAGE FOR SARAWAK AND MALAYSIA  NATURALLY! Apparently they were trying to squeeze money out of a SUADI ARABIAN BUSINESSMAN as earlier as I was waiting for my guest outside my friend in the group was telling me that he was waiting for the gentleman.

Ponder now, “Is there any corruption or just more and more of us would even sell our mother FOR MONEY.” Can we blame ANY POLITICIAN if the majority of us give up on what is good and just? For me, it is simple, I will try to serve GOD’S WILL. Can or will try to help me to bring a better future for all. Just pray for others especially for those who have hurt you or your feelings. For it is they that will be jugded and not YOU if you don’t JUGDED THEM! This is what the BIBLE SAYS, not me!

Corruption or JUST TEA-MONEY or GIFTS, ala Asian tradition!


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