UMNO Entry into Sarawak?

The question of UMNO, United MALAYS National Organization, entry into Sarawak has been asked again by many political pundits in  the State of Sarawak. A  group of UMNO promoters has been working hard to recruit members throughout the State and has raised UMNO flags in various villages, especially in the Muslim areas.

Their actions have raised various comments from a number of quarters. UMNO Deputy President and Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced in Sepanggar, Sabah that “UMNO will not recognize so-called Sarawak branches” and become the first to throw “wet towel” on the group of UMNO promoters. Before there was a similar drive by another group, ABG group,where according to  insiders there were over 60,000 applications from Sarawakians to join UMNO. However, the forms never found their way into UMNO Headquarters, lost somewhere between the Subang Airport and its final destination. Will the present promoters have better luck or they will be sabotaged again?

Questions have been asked by a number of people, including a senior reporter, whether the President of STAR, Dr. Patau Rubis is involved in the present membership drive.  He categorically said that it is  not in the interest  of  STAR,  Sarawak  or ” A BETTER FUTURE” for him to be involved. STAR will continue to work towards a better future for all Sarawakians as long as it takes.

UMNO’s entry is an internal BARISAN NASIONAL(BN)  affair between UMNO and PBB, the two contending parties for power in Sarawak. It is between those who are happy or not happy with the current State leadership of Sarawak BN. Whoever wins, it is still a BN prize, nothing to do with STAR or its goal in bringing a better future for all Malaysians. For Sarawakians, for instance, UMNO has not make itself known as its stand on the agreed BN policy of imposing 25% of the market value land premium on expired leases for its renewal. This is an unnecessary burden for all leaseholders on State land. STAR, believing a better future for all, does NOT support the move to impose such a heavy burden on all property owners, who maybe retirees or unemployed. They may not have the savings or money to buy back their leases. STAR shall stand on its policy of AUTOMATIC RENEWAL  for a similar period of  its current leases with nominal processing fee of no more than RM1,000.


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